Some impressions from gamescom 2023.
Thanks all for testing our game!

We are a full service studio specialised in XR development.
We make VR and AR experiences for a wide range of audiences.

Our apps are played by hands without the need for complicated controllers.
That makes them easy accessible for non-tech users.
Just put on the headset and play.

We design virtual reality experiences for exhibitions, museums and retail.

If you need some app or advice for the beginning of the metaverses, feel free to contact us.

We just shipped our first Game!


In the beginning there was an idea at a Hackathon.

How can you make a VR game out of a the 19th century magazine “Der Bazar“?

We convinced two juries with our ideas and the prototype development has been supported by a stipend from C0DING DA V1NC1 and a Digital Residency from Deutsches Museum.

After playing the first prototypes we had so much fun that we decided to At that time we decided to convert our idea into a startup to produce the game game.

A new puzzling VR game that uses game assets from past centuries.

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